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I did a Friends Cut, I didn't really cut a lot of people, I cut you if you haven't updated since last year, ONLY POST TWITTER UPDATES, or NEVER commented on my entries, we don't have much in common, You're a bot from Russia, or you don't show show any interest in my life so I have no idea why you're even reading my journal.

If you think I've cut you in error and want to be readded, comment here, and I will, if you want to know if you've been cut or not, click this: since it's the last locked entry I've made.

Again, it's nothing personal

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The link doesn't work though ^^

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It works on my computers... And iPod... Weird... But you weren't cut anyways :p

I took the html away, so the link works at least now :-P
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I know,but I always check in case I didn't get a notification or something ^^

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Thanks for letting me know :) It might've been an error in my html or something :) I'm sort of html illiterate :-P

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I'm still here, yay! :D

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Heh, why wouldn't you be? We've been friends for years!! I really only cut people who have NEVER ever commented or never update or anything

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For a bot from Russia, you speak excellent English :-P

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You'd NEVER be cut :-p

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Of course you are :) It wasn't really a big cut; just exfoliating people who never comment or update :-P

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hmmm I fear that military and law enforcement service have lead to me being cut, care to add me back?

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sure, will do so now ;-)

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It wasn't meant to be a malicious thing or anything, just got rid of people who I didn't think they used lj anymore :-P

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I know it wasn't malicous:-) and truthfully I hadn't used LJ in a while but now I'm back lol

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I'm glad you're back :)

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me too lol